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Mindful Reflexology

1 May 2019

I have just completed a course on Mindful Reflexology which brings a whole new level of knowledge and understanding to handling more vulnerable clients, both adults and children. Anxiety and depression can manifest in small ways and can also be utterly overwhelming; for the sufferer, it is the beginning of a journey where they need to manage their thoughts and outlook constantly and the more support techniques they have, the better. A Mindful Reflexology treatment can be one part of the support “toolkit” and is tailored to focus on all the parts of the brain and nervous system that need extra support for individuals suffering with mental illness and related conditions.

26 February 2019 - How ancient Chinese beliefs can comfort..

In this time of uncertainty, I’m sure everyone has revelled in these last few days of record-breaking warmth for February. We always brace ourselves for winter, the cold being tough but the damp greyness significantly tougher. We then rejoice spring and winter being “over and done with” and on we go! Maybe we need to hold that thought and know that we will experience it again once Brexit, and whatever it entails, is finalised.

I can’t help feeling that this weather is being given to us deliberately to support us. In the Chinese Medicine Five Element Cycle, we are now in the wood phase, which is all about birth and subsequent evolution; firm roots yet flexibility in growth. At this stage, liver health is vital, so reduce fats, sugars, alcohol and coffee; eat simple meals with plenty of vegetables. Choose lots of green clothing. And lastly, as the name implies, be among trees and plants, which should not be difficult to achieve in this glorious sunshine!

19 January 2019 - Getting your internal house in order

As it’s the start of the year, our minds are full of thoughts of new resolutions and projects to work towards, but it can be easy to be put off by the length of time that things take. Consider the following analogy:

Mrs B has decided to clear out her loft and slowly and meticulously separates out the rubbish and recycling. In the process, she fills up a lot more bin bags then she expects to and they are taking a long time to shift, they are awkward-shaped, some of them smell. Eventually, after a few weeks, the backlog of rubbish has gone and her home looks new and fresh.

The very same can be said of a series of holistic treatments. If we are undergoing reflexology or head massage for a back or neck problem, headaches or fertility treatment, we need to be patient and possibly put up with discomfort and slow releases before we start to see the benefits. Getting rid of our internal rubbish needs to take place before we can get our internal house in order!

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