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My name is Pippa and I’d like to welcome you to Life and Sole, my home-based clinic located between Addlestone and West Byfleet, Surrey

I began my journey as a reflexologist in 2004 when I started to fully appreciate how much feet could tell me about a person - often more than that person was able to express in words - and how a precise massage of those feet could subtly yet powerfully correct imbalances.

Fundamentally, I discovered that as a reflexologist, I could look at a person in a holistic way, i.e take into consideration their health issues, their personality, their attitude to the ill health that they were experiencing, their state of mind at that moment in time, and provide them with a treatment that could be tailored to address all those factors. I built on this knowledge and experience in 2011 by adding Indian Champissage™️ (head massage) as a further therapy. One client said the following:

I have had monthly reflexology treatments for 11 years with Pippa - the length of time surely speaks for itself!

As a reflexologist and Indian head massage therapist, reaching a cross-section of adults and children around New Haw, West Byfleet, Addlestone and Woking, I have found that I can make a difference to people experiencing a wide range of conditions including hormonal issues, such as fertility and menopause; stress and anxiety affecting both adults and children; headaches and sinus problems, back and knee pain and much more.

At Life and Sole, your holistic health, confidence and happiness are at the heart of what I offer.

You can choose foot, hand or facial reflexology, Indian Champissage™️ (head massage) or a combination, and I will aim to put you back on track, with a spring in your step! Why not read some recent Facebook Reviews or The Top 10 to get a better idea of what it can help or find out more about health in general under My Words.

Still have queries, click here for further information on reflexology

Best Regards, Pippa Tucker-Brown MAR ( Member of the Association of Reflexologists)

[email protected]

New Haw - Addlestone - West Byfleet - Woking - Weybridge

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